How do you tune SEMMNU

How do you tune SEMMNU

Post by Vadym Chepko » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 09:35:36

How does one increase SEMMNU value in Tru64 kernel?
I searched the header files and couldn't find it so I suspect
it may not be a tunable parameter or goes under another name.




1. Dos client tuning needed badly

I have been using the DOS client 3.0 connecting to up-to-date Samba or
NT servers and find that download speeds are fine (2-3 MB/sec on a
100Mbit link) but uploads are excruciating! (80KB/sec).  Has anyone seen
this before?  This seems to only happen when using the TCP/IP (which is
all you can use with Samba), if you are connecting to a NT server you
can use IPX which does not have this problem.  This really bit me when
dropped a 100Mbit netgear card in an old lantastic server and tried to
upload it's data to a new RH6.0/Samba server.  It was taking FOREVER.
I had to slave the hard disk on a Win98 machine and upload it that way.

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