opengl with 4d60t on 500au

opengl with 4d60t on 500au

Post by Kurt » Wed, 05 Sep 2001 03:14:51


when I install the the newest kit for my powerstorm 4d60t installation
seems to work.
Bat (after power cycle) the gl_ivp script tells me, "No opengl extension on

Any ideas anyone?


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I'm running an OpenGL application on AlphaPC 21164  (Tru64 UNIX v5.1) with
PowerStorm4D60T graphics card. When I'm doing some operations with mouse,
for example: selecting objects or double clicking, the computer freeze,
only turning power switch OFF/ON helps.

I've found this message in the kernel log file:

     vmunix: ingr0: Graphics Engine error.  Attempting to continue.
     vmunix: ingr0: Error. Unrecognized request code encountered.
     vmunix: ingr0: Problem clearing error on PowerStorm 4D board.  

Can anyone tell if this message indicates software on hardware problem.

Best regards.


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