Tru64 Cluster

Tru64 Cluster

Post by Jith » Tue, 17 Jul 2001 16:12:39

 we have a setup of Trucluster with 2 systems .We r facing a problem in
cluster communication,if both are connected in same subnet ie..if member1 is
in network ,member2 goes out of the netowrk ..
if we connect it in different subnet,both are coming in network at a time..
If we connect it in same network,we are giving subnet mask as and broadcast address as x.x.x.255 instead of 127..Will that
be a problem ??
Please help me

Thanks & regards


1. What is a Tru64 Cluster & what happens on failover?


I'm seeking a bit of info on how a Tru64 Cluster behaves when one of two
nodes fails. If one node fails, do all the processes that were running on
that one node, continue to run, uninterrupted, on the second node?

We were told by a Compaq reseller (and a Compaq rep I believe) that
everything just seemlessly keeps running. But now that installation and
setup of the Cluster has begun we're finding out that this is sort of true
for batch type programs like a ftp server or a webserver but not memory
resident processes that startup and never exit; a good example being an
Oracle database instance.

If we have an Oracle DB up and running on one of two nodes, and that one
node fails, would the Oracle instance continue to run on the other node? I
think not. I think the Oracle instance would need to be re-started on the
second node, but in the meantime our business suffers downtime.

I must say that if the failover of memory resident processes is not
seemless, I'm very disappointed with Tru64 Clustering, but particularly the
marketing reps that sold the Tru64 Cluster based on that premis.

Thanks, Zoran.

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