Cloning LSM disks and using the clones on 5.1A

Cloning LSM disks and using the clones on 5.1A

Post by Dor Juravs » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 03:35:43

I have an LSM stripe of 4 disks.
I cloned the disks and am using the clones on a different server.
When I run "voldisk define /dev/disk/...." I see the the status of the
cloned disks is "online aliased".

This means I cannot use the disks and "import" the disk-group as I did
before 5.1A.
Did anyone manage to do that on 5.1A ?

Thank you


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There is sever with two identical disks. Let's call
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Can you help me... I have searched Net, but
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