Change Video Driver?

Change Video Driver?

Post by Tom Sev » Sat, 01 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I installed Tru64 v5.0 on a 433a/au with an S3 Virge video card in it.

Tru64 only installed a generic VGA driver (640x480x4bpp) and it stinks

Can I run doconfig to create a new kernal with the correct driver?  And does
anyone know which driver I would select?

Tom Sevy


1. Help changing video driver

As you can tell I am very new to Linux.  I originally had a 2MB S3 video
card in my Linux machine.  I have up graded it to a 4MB S3 video card.
How do I change the driver?  Currently, I am difficulty exiting X
Windows and my boss thought it might be due to the new video card.  When
Linux starts up, no problem, all the words seem fine.  If I go to X
Windows everything is still fine, even in XTerm.  But once I exit from X
Windows, all the words on the screen are "garbled" up.  The letters are
out of order but linux is still working fine.  If I type telnet or
startx, those respective programs run fine.  If I use telnet it will
work however the words are still garbled.  If I return to X Windows then
evrything is fine, even in XTerm, until I exit again.  So the only way
for me to work in a true linux environment without X Windows, is when I
first start up.  I apoligize for the length of this message and will
truely appreciate any advise on my problem, be it a video driver or not.

Mike B.

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