looking for tru64 for a digital alpha 1000a server

looking for tru64 for a digital alpha 1000a server

Post by <morb.. » Wed, 24 Jul 2002 17:17:53

Hi i am trieing to find out what verion i need for an old Digital alpha
server 1000a 5/500.

I got the server seccond had with books en reg-codes for tru64 but the cd is
missing. Do i have to order a whole new OS?

Thanks for your help


1. Digital 266 1000A Alpha Server

Dec 1000A alpha server
had 'nt 4.0' on it now, but can be configured for linux (alpha) or
Digital UNIX (osf1)

Two years old, 128MB ram, two 2GB wide scsi drives, 4/8GB DAT drive, quad
cd rom,

LOTS of pci slots and drive bays open.

New $15,000 sell for $5000 obo.

for Tech specs and pictures, see

email or call 561-241-2966, ext 113.
(also have a 'generic size' 233Mhx alpha motherboard, no ram, but has 233
alpha processor, want $400.00, also a 'alpha multia, 233 alpha
workstation, has built in pcmcia, sound blaster, etc $500.00)

Michael S. Scheidell     <><      <http://www.fdma.com/>
Distributor of RadiSys INtime Real-time for Windows NT
<http://www.fdma.com/rsys/intime.html> and other Realtime Products

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