Conference: CETS-2001 Volunteers Wanted!

Conference: CETS-2001 Volunteers Wanted!

Post by Jeff Killee » Tue, 21 Aug 2001 21:26:19

Volunteers are wanted to help with the Encompass Interactive Workshop
Project at CETS2001 in Anaheim, CA.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work behind the scenes at a
big technical symposium? Would you like the opportunity to work side-by-side
with other computer professionals from around the world, setting up and
configuring systems for one of Encompass' volunteer projects? Would you like
to learn new computer configuration and deployment techniques in a casual
on-the-job-training environment? Would you like to meet some other symposium
attendees, make some new friends, and have some fun?

The Encompass Interactive Workshop rooms are planned, set up, and configured
volunteers like you -- computer professionals who like the challenge of an
interesting project. One of the advantages of this volunteer opportunity is
that we have something to do for attendees of all levels of technical
expertise. We're not just trying to get set up for some great workshops,
we're also counting on the setup and configuration to serve as a learning
experience for interested symposium attendees. (If the workshops themselves
were our only concern, we'd contract out the setup.)

Working the project is a great way to learn new skills, teach others how to
do what you know best, and to meet other symposium attendees. The
behind-the-scenes work on this project at past symposia has provided great
peer-to-peer networking, and has even forged lasting friendships among some
attendees as we've put our heads and talents together to produce a great
final product.

At CETS2001, we're looking to set up two Interactive Workshop rooms -- one
with Intel-based PCs for Windows sessions, and one with Alphastations for
OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX sessions. We have four opportunities for you to be
involved in the Encompass Interactive Workshops project (besides attending
one of the great workshops we have planned, of course):

1) Initial setup/configuration of workshop rooms and equipment (Fri, Sat,
Sun) - We'll be doing the initial setup and configuration on Friday,
Saturday, and possibly Sunday, before the symposium portion of the CETS2001
event begins. This will involve everything from arranging the tables and
chairs in the room, to unpacking equipment, setting up servers and
workstations, and the creation/cloning of several system configurations that
will be used for workshops throughout the week. Note that some of the work
is not glamorous, nor technical -- you're invited to dress very casually,
let your hair down, and definitely, to have a good time while helping out on
this project. Attendees at all levels of technical expertise are invited to
come in and help. You must, however, be a paid symposium attendee _and_ you
must sign up ahead of time (by August 31). The Encompass Interactive
Workshop rooms will be restricted to a pre-arranged access list on the

2) Daily system reconfiguration and room setup for the following day's
workshops (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu) - Volunteers are needed to come in and help
with reconfiguration of the systems after the last workshop of the day on
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. All levels of technical expertise
are welcome. Sign up ahead or stop by workshop rooms 208A & 208B after the
last workshop of the day.

3) Workshop tech support (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri) - Workshop assistants are
needed for each of the sessions to walk around and help attendees keep up
with the speaker during the hands-on portion of the workshop. For this job,
volunteers do need to be very knowledgeable in the area covered by the
particular workshop content. Visit the online event scheduling tool and take
a look at the sessions scheduled in workshop rooms 208A & 208B. (Be sure to
also look at the technical level of the workshop to make sure you can help
at the level covered by the workshop). Sign up early to help out.

4) Workshop room break-down (Fri) - Always liked to take things apart as a
kid? This may be a good stress-relief exercise for you at the end of your
busy symposium week. Starting at 10am on Friday, it's time to knock-down the
workshop rooms (one at a time) and pack everything back up. Obviously,
little technical expertise is required and you don't need to sign up ahead,
just stop by room 208A 10am on Friday to lend a hand.

If you are a registered CETS2001 symposium attendee and would like to
volunteer to help with any aspect of the Encompass Interactive Workshops,

Encompass volunteer, by August 31 or visit the workshops area early in the
Symposium. The workshops team is looking forward to working with you!

(Please note that an exposition-only registration does not provide access to
the Interactive Workshops area.)

Thank you!

Bryan Webb
Project Lead
Encompass Interactive Workshops