Cluster failover scripts for LiveCache 7.4

Cluster failover scripts for LiveCache 7.4

Post by Martin Brod » Sun, 09 Mar 2003 02:21:06

Does anyone have experience with liveCache 7.4 failover scripts on
Tru64 Truclusters, if so how to implement it.

I am advised there are three files around named

does anyone have them or got them from some education/white papers
from SAP/Compaq/HP



Cluster failover scripts for LiveCache 7.4

Post by Stephen Ker » Thu, 01 May 2003 22:27:36

I didn't use these scripts, as HP/Compaq wouldn't give them to us
without extortionate Consultation fees.

In the end, I used the standard cluster failover scripts.

You need one to stop LC and x_server, another to start x_server and LC.

Then another to perform the checking (as used by caad) of processes.
I set PROBE_PROCS to PROBE_PROCS="/sapdb/programs/pgm/vserver
/sapdb/LCT/db/pgm/kernel LCT"

However, you will also need to look at your lcinit script, at the
call_user_exit routine which references LCCLUSTER

We have created our owne shell script lccluster.  It calls
caa_stop/caa_start as user <lc sid>adm.
You will have to do some Unix DOP (Division of Priveleges) config to
ensure that sidadm can run caa_stop/caa_start progs.

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