Running GDB on a tru64 5.1

Running GDB on a tru64 5.1

Post by Julien.Sou » Sun, 29 Jul 2001 05:39:52


I have succeded in compiling GDB-5.0 on a alpha ev6 decstation (XP900)
but it doesn't work.

First, I modified the macro of core file registers from EF_* to CF_*
in GDB sources. Then I SUCESSFULLY compiled GDB with native cc,
gcc-2.95 (provide by Compaq) and gcc-3.0 (compile on the host)

With cc, any debugging process try to allocate several Giga of memory
and crash.

With gcc-2.95, debugging process core dump.

With gcc-3.0, debugging process lead to the error:

        Starting program: /tmp/./a.out
        Dwarf Error: bad offset (0x0) in compilation unit header (offset 0xffffdfd7bd9b7a76 + 6).

The test program is the "hello world" compiled with cc or gcc (same result).

Any idea ???

Does Somebody has a working GDB ???



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I updated several Alpha machines to Tru64 v5.1 without realizing that
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this system? I much prefer using gdb rather than a vendor debugger since
I develop on several different systems.

Thanks for any info.

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Oklahoma State University

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