Run time consistency check of OS and Application running in RAM

Run time consistency check of OS and Application running in RAM

Post by Preben Myrvol » Sat, 12 Apr 2003 21:09:50

Hi. I'm planning to make an application that boots from a flash, loads
the application and OS into RAM and starts running from there.

Are there any way of checking the consistency ( CRC, etc) of the
embedded linux OS AND application at run time, when its running from
RAM? I don't know how the dynamics of the OS (swapping, virtual memmory,
etc) behaves or if this could somehow be placed at a fixed position in RAM?!





1. Debugger, run time checking, attaching to a running process


I need to be able to do RTC debugging on a client program that gets
fired up
by a cgi process.  

Does anyone know if it's possible to use the Run Time Checking (RTC)
facilities of
dbx or debugger, while attaching to a running process?  The man page for
seems to indicate that RTC is not an option when trying to attach to a
running process.

Or, does anyone know of some X-windows magic that I can invoke to bring
up a debugger
session on the console, that has RTC enabled?

Or, does anyone know of a debugger, free or commercial that supports RTC
for attached processes?

Many thanks,

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