modifying linux for proprietary hardware (walnut derivative)

modifying linux for proprietary hardware (walnut derivative)

Post by Ramzi Maalo » Tue, 08 Jun 2004 23:13:39

Hello -
   I am trying to use Embedded Linux 2.4.25 PPC port for proprietary
hardware.  It is very much like the walnut, except it does not have
some of the things the walnut has, e.g., no NVRAM with TOD clock, no
FPGA, etc.  Can someone give me a quick tutorial or point to where I
can find some information on adjusting the Kernel.  I know that a
minimum modification to board_setup_arch (platforms/walnut.c) has to
get adjusted, but what else? I am linux kernel newbie!

1. HELP! Compaq proprietary undocumented hardware!!!

Hi.  I have a Compaq Presario 520 CDS w/ 16mb RAM, 1.3gb HD, IDECD, etc.

Here are the problems I'm having:

1. Kernel sound support enabled, but sound comes out fuzzy, garbled, slow,
and pretty much unrecognizable.  I supposedly have 16-bit stereo sound in
this machine - the card is actually an ESS Audiodrive.

The settings in the kernel are SBPro support (what I use under DOS/Win),
220h, IRQ 5, DMA 1 (I know these numbers are right.)  What should I do?

2. I have no documentation for my monitor, so I'm using a generic SVGA
server, with XF86Config set up like a sample in Running Linux (I know
that's dumb, but it works pretty well)  I get some flicker and pixel dust
in 800x600x256 mode.  Does anyone know how I can properly config
XF86Config?  (I only have 512k video ram :( )

3. If I set up the kernel with networking support, I get an error at the
end of make config (dnsdomainname: unknown host).  I can run make dep and
make clean ok, but when I make zdisk (or zImage) I see the dnsdomainname
error again, and the compile crashes out during the NET_* part.  I would
like to use SLIP and PPP support, but not my ethernet card.  HELP!

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me.  In return, I'll give
this advice:  DON'T BUY COMPAQ!  They're hardly upgradeable, proprietary
everything, and poor on tech support!


Leon Out
Cornell U.

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