embedded hardware firewall

embedded hardware firewall

Post by Detlev W. Schlienkam » Tue, 09 Apr 2002 16:31:05

i'm searching for a project with low, or was it no, budget a firewall
on a embedded plattform with linux.
any suggestions would be apreciated.

Detlev Schlienkamp


1. low cost embedded hardware

i'm looking to build a little black box. i need cheap storage of an
odd 40gig or thereabouts, and it looks like 3.5" ide ATA drives hit
that mark at about 30 bucks. i need some CF, so that'll be another 20
bucks. i need a cpu (x86 or whatever), a couple of usb ports, some
memory around 32megs, power supply, connectors for the drives, and
cables to hook everything up, and a chassis. i figure this the whole
kit and kaboodle ought to be under 300 bucks to buy. i'm looking
around and seeing stuff that's close but a bit overkill, having stuff
like a high power video/audio chip and all that isn't what i'm looking
for. so my question is whether anyone has seen anything close to this

if you've got the keys.

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