who cares for broken arch/mips/galileo-boards/ev64120/compressed ?

who cares for broken arch/mips/galileo-boards/ev64120/compressed ?

Post by Thomas Eschenbache » Thu, 26 Apr 2001 05:18:03


I want to boot Linux on an embedded system similar to a Galileo eval board
EV64120 and found out that the directory mentioned above contains some
really fine boot and/or prom monitor code.

Unhappily this code is badly broken, many symbols in memory.c and pci.c are
missing and I can't guess their meaning. grep didn't even find fragments of
the symbol names in the whole kernel source :-(



1. remove LINUX_VERSION_CODE from arch/mips/au1000/common/serial.c

Hi Ralf,

the patch below removes two no longer needed LINUX_VERSION_CODE from
arch/mips/au1000/common/serial.c (not needed since CONFIG_DEVFS_FS is
never defined on 2.2 kernels). It applies against 2.5.55 and current
MIPS cvs.


--- linux-2.5.55/arch/mips/au1000/common/serial.c.old   2003-01-10 10:56:15.000000000 +0100

        memset(&serial_driver, 0, sizeof(struct tty_driver));
        serial_driver.magic = TTY_DRIVER_MAGIC;
        serial_driver.driver_name = "serial";
-#if (LINUX_VERSION_CODE > 0x2032D && defined(CONFIG_DEVFS_FS))
+#if defined(CONFIG_DEVFS_FS)
        serial_driver.name = "tts/%d";

         * major number and the subtype code.
        callout_driver = serial_driver;
-#if (LINUX_VERSION_CODE > 0x2032D && defined(CONFIG_DEVFS_FS))
+#if defined(CONFIG_DEVFS_FS)
        callout_driver.name = "cua/%d";
        callout_driver.name = "cua";

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