VT100++ Textmode "Graphics"

VT100++ Textmode "Graphics"

Post by Geir Frode Raane » Sun, 27 Jan 2002 20:25:48

I wondered if anyone has successfully implemented text mode graphics from
an embedded target using terminal emulators (notoriousely Windows hosted?)

I know the VT100/220/320 'Real Thing' can do graphic lookalike frames by
instructing the terminal to replace some of the top 128 ASCII characacters
by framedrawing characters. I believe Midnight Commander utilizes this
feature. Perhaps that is why mc so seldom display correctly.

What I am looking for is a way to implement a menuing system with frames
completely target hosted. More or less the way Norton Commander looked
back in DOS days. That is, (preferabely any) terminal emulator on the
host computer (this will most of the time be an Windows computer) should
be enough to access and configure the embedded target.

I've been ping-ponging between two Tera Term instances over nullmodem,
but either I do something wrong or Tera Term does not implement the
character set switch. Demo code, anyone? The UIMenus by Grant Beattie
requires AFAICT an ANSI terminal and is thus hard to make work.

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