web page for embedded linux on motorola mpc8260

web page for embedded linux on motorola mpc8260

Post by Pete McCormi » Sun, 24 Mar 2002 09:19:43

Just created a new web page dedicated to embedded linux on the
Motorola MPC8260.  Not too much information there yet, but hope to cut
through all the confusion and present more clearly what is out
there...  Comments and suggestions welcome...

The URL is http://phatmix.com/mpc8260


1. Utility to convert PowerPoint "web pages" into real web pages?

I am in the process of converting all of my stuff into formats not dependent
upon MicroShaft shaftware so that I can ditch Windoze altogether and go
entirely to Linux and/or *BSD.  Mostly, it is just time-consuming, but I have
run into one sticky problem.

I saved a large MicroShaft PowerPunt document as a "web page" (from within
PowerPunt 2000), and found that (as I was afraid of) the web page is only
viewable on MicroShaft Internet Exploder 5.5 disService Pack 2 (maybe all 5.x
and 6.x -- didn't try them).  When I tried to view it under NetScape 4.7x or
kfm 1.x for Linux with KDE 1.x, I could not view the web page (except for the
very 1st slide in 1 case).  And yes, I did enable JavaScrapped in NetScrape,
although in one case this simply enabled the PowerPunt "web page" to cause
NetScrape to crash with a bus error.  And yes, when given the opportunity, I
did click on the link to bypass the MicroShaft error message that says that
earlier versions of Internet Exploder are not supported, and doesn't even
acknowledge the existence of any other web browsers (of course -- in a few
years, they'll be claiming that they invented the web browser).  (And yes, I
know that MicroShaft commands that you must have an Office 2000 license and
MicroShaft Internet Exploder 5.0 or later to view their "web pages", but
they can go HERE --> http://freespace.virgin.net/andrew.harrison4/.)

So, does any utility exist to convert one of these monstrosities into a real
web page?  Here are the possibilities I can think of (feel free to suggest
others, except don't suggest keeping Windoze and Internet Exploder around):

1.      A utility that does this automatically or almost automatically
2.      Hack the files manually (way too much work unless someone knows
        a clever trick -- for instance a sed script to run the files
        through to remove the curse of MicroShaft)
3.      Try to find something that can read the original PowerPunt 2000
        document and convert it properly into a format that can then be
        exported as a real web page (a possibility, but not preferred
        because it requires installing a major software package for just
        this one conversion)
4.      Upgrade from kfm to Konqueror 2.x (I don't know if this would
        work, and even if it did, this is still not a full solution,
        because it would leave the web pages not viewable by NetScrape

Lucius Chiaraviglio

To get the exact address:                     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Replace indicated characters with common 4-letter word meaning the same thing
and remove underscores (Spambots of Doom, take that!).

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