Wonka framebuffer

Wonka framebuffer

Post by Ellis De » Sun, 14 Jul 2002 03:47:11

Not sure if I'm posting this to the correct group or not, but does
anyone know how to enable the framebuffer output on the Wonka JVM (
http://wonka.acunia.com/ )? Do I have to recompile, or is there some
switch or ini file that I'm missing.



1. TDFX framebuffer driver with 2.4.2

Hi all,

I have recently got hold of 2.4.2 and built in the 3dfx frame buffer
driver (tdfx).
At startup, the kernel detects my V3 3000 AGP fine and switches to the
framebuffer driver (or so it says). The Tux logo appears in the upper
left corner and then everything works OK. So why do I post this message
if everything works OK, you ask ?

Well, first, when switching to fbdev, the console becomes white, the
appears and as the kernel keeps printing messages, only the top of the
screen next to the logo remains white. This is ugly and I am wondering
if there is any way to prevent the console to go white in the first
Also, is the position of the logo configurable ?

Second, I have experimented a bit with the "vga" parameter to change the
resolution. Again, this works OK until the kernel switches to fbdev and
resets to, hmmm, 640x480-something. Is this the normal behaviour ?

The fbset utility enables to change the console resolution to, say,
1024x768-8bpp, but that happens after startup. The (obsolete) man page
recommends to put "fbset" into my rc.local script (I am using RH6.2) but
this still means that the fbdev driver is intialised in 640x480. Is it
possible to get tdfx to start with whatever resolution I want ?

I had a look at linux-fbdev.org this morning but couldn't find any
information on that.
Any help/pointer appreciated.

Thanks a lot.

"Anything that begins well will end badly."
        -- Pudder's Law

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