Real Time Embedded on a StrongARM platfrom

Real Time Embedded on a StrongARM platfrom

Post by Lawrence Larry Ric » Sun, 16 Jun 2002 01:19:42

The group may be interested in this test on Windows CE, run
on a StrongARM system.  We do not yeat have siomilar data on various
Linux configurations.  Even so, the results were far from what we

Lawrence (Larry) Ricci


1. Real-time / embedded programming - terminology question


I would like to understand what it the difference between real-time
and embedded programming. As far as I understand, the most significant
characteristic of real-time programming is that there are very strict
constraints of execution time of operations. At the same time, we have
all sorts of PDA devices, which are defined as "embedded devices",but
as far as I can see, they have nothing to do with real-time
constraints (like aircraft or medical equipment).  To complicate my
confusion, in job position requirements, we have usually embedded and
real-time skills specified together.

I would very appreciate if you also specify some interesting links on
this subject.

Thanks a lot.


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