DIY Embedded Linux Hardware

DIY Embedded Linux Hardware

Post by Charlie Dyso » Mon, 02 Jul 2001 06:57:40

Does anyone here know if there's a (cheap) do-it youself Embedded Linux
device available. I just want something embedded to play with.

Thanks in advance,


DIY Embedded Linux Hardware

Post by M.Lebowsk » Thu, 12 Jul 2001 05:38:15

Look at
sorry for the italian language



DIY Embedded Linux Hardware

Post by Dichotimus Gro » Mon, 23 Jul 2001 05:37:57

What have you got against the Italian Language?   8^}

Cheers big Lebowski   ;^)


P.S.  This is a joke.  It is a play on M. L.s strange way of phrasing
his/her 'apology' [for the site being in Italian rather than English,

Quote:> Look at
> sorry for the italian language

> Lebo


1. feasability of DIY embedded audio mixer?


i was wondering how possible it is to build an integrated laptop-sized
device based on an embedded PC that  has a fixed dual hardware controller
unit (somewhat like the pioneer CDJ100 cd player control surface, times 2),
a large robust (laptop)HD (at least 2 GB), a ethernet 100mbit network
connection, 2 high quality stereo analog outputs and an integrated PSU that
can play and mix audio files (mp3 and other audio formats) from it's
harddisk, which can be controlled from the  unit itself (ie cue'ing,
pitch/tempo etc.etc.) using the regular CD player controls and 2
pitch-sliders and 2 jog-wheels. Transferring files to the unit's laptop will
be using FTP protocol over TCP/IP using a standard FTP server software
running on the device.

If i can get around the right people to do the programming and
component-integrating is it possible to build a device like described above,
or is it just not possible right now? (due to costs or other aspects)

thanks for the feedback,


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