what is PAM

what is PAM

Post by jingle_de » Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:44:59

What Is Pam? Or more direct to the point can PAM
be removed from an embedded system based upon Debian?



what is PAM

Post by Damion de Sot » Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:57:03

> What Is Pam?

Pluggable Authentication Modules

 > Or more direct to the point can PAM

Quote:> be removed from an embedded system based upon Debian?

Perhaps, but probabaly not trivial.
As far as I know, PAM gives programs easy access to
the linux security subsystem.
If you remove it completely, then things like login, sshd, etc,
may not be able to read /etc/passwd which would mean you couldn't
login to access anything.
It would be fairly simple to build stand-alone versions of login and friends
though, if you really needed to remove all of the PAM suite.



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1. PAM (/etc/pam.conf).....Is It Needed?

I do not have much experience with PAM, but in conversations with
others relating to our Solaris servers (versions 2.6 thru 9), I'm under
the impression that we are not using it.

In a recent audit of some of our files, we were cited with having some
servers "less secure" than others simply by virtue of the entries
within /etc/pam.conf.  They do seem to differ, especially when
comparing the 2.6 servers with more current versions (7 thru 9).

My questions become: "IF we are not using PAM, I would presume that we
do not have a need to access the /etc/pam.conf file.  That being said,
do we even need it (i.e. can it be removed without serious
ramifications)?  How would one go about determining IF it is "actually"
being used?


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