Need Linux/C/JAVA/PERL programmer for embedded network project

Need Linux/C/JAVA/PERL programmer for embedded network project

Post by Dan Dos » Fri, 18 Jan 2002 04:50:05

If you are fluent in the above languages and are interested in working
with a small group of developers involved in an exciting embedded

for top developers! Work over the net from the comforts of your own
location. All SERIOUS replies will be considered. Thanks! Dan.

1. need help to find out on a embedded/linux distro to use for my new project

I need some help finding out an open source Linux distro/embedded
Linux distro solution to use for my new project.

The target platform is an PC Athlon-1800 with 128 megs of ram (i386)
and 128 megs of hd space, the host system is preferably Redhat 8.0.

I need to get a lightweight Linux to bootup from a 128 meg usb Lexmar
jumpdrive (the target bios does support booting up from usb hdd, but I
am not sure if it will work eventually, as I didn't get that far yet.
However if it doesn't I will have to get the it to boot from a 128 meg
of compact flash drive.)

by lightweight I really only need the init package, glibc, bash,
whatever the barebone is that needs to get Linux started. Besides
these packages and a bootloader, I will only add a couple modules to
the kernel that will support my wireless lan card, storage device and
graphic card. I will also have to reserve storage space for a
lightweight X-windows system, and the complete java development
environment. Eventually I will have to code a wireless java
application that will run on top of the X.

now does such a distro exist that fulfill the above requirement or is
it easier to do everything from scratch by myself? can you point me to
some resources online that tells me on how to get on about doing this?

thanks in advance

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