IEE Event: Designing Embedded Real-Time Systems

IEE Event: Designing Embedded Real-Time Systems

Post by Chris Hill » Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:31:59

Forthcoming IEE Event: Designing Embedded Real-Time Systems,

22nd May 2003,

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London.

This practical one day session will address some of the main topics in
this field including:

Real-Time UML,
Control Systems,
Embedded Systems VS. FPGAs,    
System Design,
Embedded Linux
Development Tools.

For further information visit

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1. Custom drivers designed for real-time industrial systems - FIX/DMACS, Wonderware, TCP/IP Datapump

Now, from Custom Technology...
for popular MMI systems such as:
     and many others!

     Some of the many available drivers include:

      -ANDOVER HVAC system C-PORT and S-PORT
      -WIZDOM Control Source card
      -ZELLWEGER CM4 & G.D.A.C.S. Multipoint Gas Analyzer
      -Particle Measuring System - PMS 2500 Particle counting system
      -ATI Beta Gauge - Thickness measuring gauge
      -Barber Coleman MAQ PID controller
      -GaugePort by OBSERVATION SYSTEMS for all types of automated
       -LFE Profitmaster Gaugeing system
       -AEONIC Gauging System - high speed beta gauge for profile

NEW PRODUCT DDE2TCP, A Real Time Data Pump for connecting DDE Apps.
                     to HOST computers (IBM,UNIX,SUN) via TCP/IP

                        ... AND MORE!

For additional information, technical specs about these
and many other drivers and the extensive services Custom Technology
provides, please visit our web site:

                   WWW.CUSTOM-TECH.COM  or

                   Contact: Marshall R. Rowe
                            Custom Technology
                            640 N. LaSalle #284
                            Chicago,IL 60610
                             (773) 384-4104

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4. Custom drivers designed for real-time industrial systems - FIx/DMACS, Wonderware, TCP/IP Datapump

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6. Custom drivers designed for real-time industrial system - FIX/DMACS, Wonderware, TCP/IP Datapump

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