running from a mounted partition on embedded linux

running from a mounted partition on embedded linux

Post by joh » Thu, 04 Nov 2004 02:17:49


 I am a little newbie to embedded systems.
I got from a company we work with a MIPS based board which runs Linux OS on it.

I am developing an app for that board on a Fedora Desktop ;

There is no way to put the app I develop by ftp on that board.

so for the debugging cycle I use nfs mount, and tha app resides
on a folder which is nfs mounted.

My question is :
is the performance significantly lower when running thus ?



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my linux partition recently ran out of space, i am wondering if i could make
on of my fat32 partition to be use as /, or /usr??
one other question, I have win98 and linux on my system, is there possibility
that linux would kill my extended FAT32 parition??  cuz when i got home, my
brother shutdown my linux and went into win98, then when i went back to linux,
my extend fat32 partition is gone.......all my back up!!
If this question has already been asked, can u just point me to the
information?  thank you


my HD(17 gb) info as follow:
hda1  <-- FAT32 Primary partition (4gb)
hda2  <-- ex2 linux partition (1.1 gb)
hda3 <-- linux swap
hda4 <--FAT32 extend partition
    > hda5   these two are partition got lost.........which i dont even know
    > hda6    how......

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