Remote debugging with DDD

Remote debugging with DDD

Post by Ma » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 06:08:27

Hi. I have compiled gdbserver and transferred it to my target (Geode
GX1) and started with the program, say hello:

gdbserver hello host:10000

How do I start a debug session from DDD in my host? TIA for any help.



1. gdb/ddd shared library debugging problem

Hi group,
i am having problems stepping into the shared library code by using
gdb (with/without a frontend like ddd etc). i tried compiling the
shared libary with absoloute src path & relative path both ... also
tried setting the shared libray path in gdb but of no use.
every time i step into a shared library function it says cannot not
find eval.c in the search path. also the execution line number it
reports in eval.c is 41 which is same alway. (Note: my project does
not has any file called eval.c & the shared library is loaded through
dlopen() ).
please provide me as much as possible information regarding this or
correct me if i m doing soming wrong.
amit tikare

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