root file system

root file system

Post by GRE » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 18:21:35

Dear all:

I use MontaVista's tool to create root file system, but there is no
files list in the module list of the TCT. I cann't make up my mind
what modules should be choosed.

The functionality of root file system I requested is including
driver module install support, DHCP client, FTP server, JFFS2,
and singal user environment. As the above requirement, what
kind of item I should choose?

Is it good to use busybox as my operating environment?
Any comment is appreciated.

best regrads,


1. root file system above >1024 limit with System Commander?

I have the following disk layout and ideally would like to keep it.

FAT 16     1027
Openstep   2055
  NTFS     3074
  Freespace 133
Freespace  1521


Some questions..

I'd like to install RedHat 6.0 in free space but that's gonna be
above >1024 mark.

Is there any thing I can do with System Commander to make this easier?

I also don't mind if I take the external (to the extended partition)
freespace and make it internal but even with Partition Magic 4.02 I
shun doing that because I've been burned messing about with extended
partitions before.

It's there as external because I know I'm allowed four primary partitions

How can I install RedHat 6.0 with the above setup?

I need a root filesystem under 1024MB don't I?

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