experience with that MIPS machine: FRED

experience with that MIPS machine: FRED

Post by Ernst Murnleitne » Wed, 27 Oct 2004 05:33:38


at http://www.kws-computer.de/pdf/datfred.pdf I have found a small
computer (8 inch touch screen) which would be interesting for me:

It has a MIPS CPU (AMD Au 1100 at 500 MHz), ethernet and USB (and 3
serial interfaces by using an extra pcb), 64 to 128 MB memory.

It costs less than 1000 EUR and will be available with smaller displays

Has anybody experiences with this machine?


Ernst Murnleitner


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We have a networked QMS printer. A solaris 2.5.1 machine prints
to it just fine. Its name is fred. fred is in Solaris Machine's
host table. All I had to do to set it up is to define a network
printer via admintool (printer : fred server: fred).

We have new Solaris 8 machine. It tried to do the same, but I get
the following message when I do lpstat -t.

printer fred faulted printing fred-0.
server  fred not responding.

I can ping and telnet fred from both Solaris Machines. Any ideas ?




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