Want to boot up 2 or more floppies with Syslinux

Want to boot up 2 or more floppies with Syslinux

Post by Barry Kaule » Sat, 19 Apr 2003 21:51:57

I'm learning about the lower workings of Linux by gradually putting
together a mini distribution, that so far boots up with just one
floppy, using Syslinux. Eventually I plan to go for Compact Flash,
but for the next step I want to separate my kernel and root fs onto
separate floppies.

I'm using a monolithic kernel, no modules. My syslinux.cfg has this:

default vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 initrd=IMAGE.GZ

Can anyone tell me how and if I can stay with Syslinux and build the
system so that parts can be on 2 or more floppies?
My problem of course is that I want to add more stuff, and have increased
the format to 1743K, which is about as far as I can take it.

As for modules... well I'm a newbie in that area, so will leave that
one alone for now.

Note, I've left out the system.map -- I see some other tiny distributions
do also, so I guess it's not that critical.

Note, my single disk has busybox, tinylogin, Xvesa (but no X apps!).

Any thoughts in this welcome!

Barry Kauler


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