Linux on Palm

Linux on Palm

Post by BUCKDANN » Thu, 26 Aug 2004 16:26:04

Anyone know projects of porting linux on Palm  T3 ?

1. developerWorks articles on Wearable Linux PC, Palm Pilot Linux and more

developerWorks Linux Zone

Performance features of IBM Developer Kit for
Linux, Java Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8

This paper discusses in detail each of the major technical features
that contribute to the IBM Developer Kit for Linux's outstanding
performance. Leran more about the IBM JIT compiler, Method inlining,
Exception handling, Type inclusion test, Common subexpression
elimination, Loop versioning, Register allocation, Code generation,
JVM performance, Garbage collection, Synchronization, Finalization,
I/O improvements, and JVM initialization.


Practical XML with Linux
Getting things done with the Extensible Markup Language

Learn how to make use of XML to create a better platform for data and
document exchange in your enterprise. Part 1 in a series on XML and
Linux covers Namespaces in XML, the DOM, XSLT, info on whats new tag
land. There is also a good resource list to get you started with XML.


Pyrite might be gold after all
Using Python to develop for Palm

At the Atlanta Linux Showcase (ALS), developer Rob Tillotson
introduced Pyrite, a Python-based open-source toolkit for enabling
desktop applications to interact with the Palm Computing Platform.
Don Rosenberg reports on the session, and the new tool that may make
developing for the Palm operating system as easy as Python itself.


Donning your tuxedo
Could Linux be the right OS for wearable computers?

The topic of wearables has been hot enough that IBM has introduced
prototypes of its own in recent months. But one of the challenges in
wearable computing is the need for a lightweight, fast, small-footprint
operating system. Sound familiar? Thad Starner at the Georgia Institute
of Technology thinks Linux could well be the platform for the job.
Starner himself has already built (and bent the rules with) prototypes
of wearable computers based on Linux.

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