Qt/E Qtopia for ppc8xx

Qt/E Qtopia for ppc8xx

Post by Alexander Pop » Sat, 23 Feb 2002 18:32:56


Has anyone successfully ported Qt/E and Qtopia for ppc823?
If yes are there any known problems?
I want to run QPE on a LinuxPlanet box.

Alexander Popov


1. QT/E and Qtopia confusion

I am thinking about writing a program for hand held devices, and so I
started reading about QT/Embedded and Qtopia.  I have read several
different places on-line where they talk about using a Qtopia SDK to
develop apps and other that talk about using QT/E.  I'm not sure if I
want to GPL it or not (lets not open that can of worms here;) but the
licensing on Trolltechs web site shows a HUGE disparity on pricing of
the two...both for development.  So let say I want to write "x" app,
and have it run on an iPaq/Palm/etc. running Qtopia, do I need the
Qtopia SDK or QT/E or both?  I think trolltech's products kick ass,
but as a small time developer they make it hard to use their products.
 If I have to use both, and if I decide to make it commercial, I will
difinitly not be able to afford Trolltech's pricing (same problem on
the desktop...there, you still need to buy compilers too)!

Thanks for any advice.  BTW, does anyone know of a QT usenet group
that isn't just on their server?  I can't access their's through
googlegroups, and I know these types of questions would be better
suited for such a group (though not totally off topic here).

Thanks again,


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