Building gcc/glibc crosscompilers from scratch now eas(ier)

Building gcc/glibc crosscompilers from scratch now eas(ier)

Post by Dan Kege » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 08:01:21

I found it hard to build a gcc/glibc cross toolchain
from scratch for recent versions of gcc.
(Bill Gatliff's crossgcc script was a good guide, but hadn't
been updated for gcc-3.2.)
So I updated Bill's crossgcc script, and for good measure,
added support for all ten platforms glibc supports.
So if you need to build a cross-gcc and glibc for
any of the following architectures:
   i686, ppc, sh4, alpha, sparc, arm, mips, cris, ia64, or s390
my script should be helpful.  You can grab it at
It does nothing you couldn't figure out yourself, but it
could save you some time.

Share & enjoy,


1. HELP - need to build gcc from scratch


I goofed and wiped out gcc when I was upgrading from 2.5.8 to 2.7.2.

I now have no gcc (yah, another 4am nightmare).

I've done this before, but I forgot the many steps I had to take to get
gcc built from nothing (i.e. no compiler). I do have as86 (if that helps

What do I have to do to get gcc again?

pls reply via e-mail if possible..


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Advanced Systems Group - Cyberstore Systems Inc.

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