Looking for a driver: Exar 16L788 Octal UART (on the ISA bus)

Looking for a driver: Exar 16L788 Octal UART (on the ISA bus)

Post by Bill Feer » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 06:43:09

My custom motherboard has 3 Exar 16L788 Octal uarts, on the ISA bus not the
PCI, so no PlugandPlay. I'm looking for a driver that I can hack. Anyone
know of a driver? I am looking at the 5.05 version of serial.c from
ConnectTech, but it's not a great match.

I'm new at Linux drivers - since I have 3 chips at 3 I/O ranges and 3 IRQ's,
how does the driver do it's initialization? This is a proprietary board, so
I can make any changes I need to.



1. Look for a driver to manage mailbox shared mémory on ISA bus

I'm french ingeneer and I'm working on industrial computers.
For an application, I use an embeded board in PC on ISA bus. This board is able
to manage a FIP net. The software on this board already exists and works under
OS/9 operating system. I don't want to modify it.
I choose to use linux as operating systm on PC.  So, I need a Linux driver to
manage mailbox on shared memory on ISA bus.
Could you help me? Could you say me where I can find a C source on the net of a
driver that approach my need or better, could you send me an example of this
kind of driver by mail. I'll arrange it for my personnal use. I'll give it
again under GPL.
Thanks for all.

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