New embedded web server

New embedded web server

Post by Michael O'Bri » Mon, 01 Dec 2003 18:01:11

I'm looking for help on a new open source embedded web server.
Developers, testers and documenters are very welcome.

I previously coded the GoAhead embedded Web server that has been quite
widely deployed, but I wanted to create a next generation architecture
that would serve as a basis for products for the next many years to
come. A new design that would be highly secure in the face of the
current security climate. This new version, called AppWeb is designed
to be secure from the start, strong on features and yet is very
modular and easy to embed. It is single or multithreaded, written in
C++, supports service side javascript, dynamic content generation,
SSL, dynamically loadable modules, has apache compatible
configuration, and is a quite bit faster than Apache.

I have released a version 0.8 that is pretty solid, and I'm now ready
to expand the team. The goal is to create an embedded web server that
does not have the limitations of past/existing designs. One that is
highly secure, very fast, rich in features yet modular and embeddable.

Please visit the site and email me if you can help.
Michael O'Brien


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