X11 keyboard/mouse-problem with ps/2-port

X11 keyboard/mouse-problem with ps/2-port

Post by Jens Nixdor » Thu, 13 Nov 2003 02:20:08

Hi All,

i have following problem with my embedded linux-system. At first some specs:

kernel 2.4.18
xfree 4.1.0
touchscreen connected to ttyS0
mouse and keyboard connected to PS/2

As the system has a touchscreen, normally it would be driven only by this
device. But for service or maintenance sometimes it is better to connect a
keyboard and/or a mouse to it. So i have now following behaviour from the

If all three devices are connected, the system runs properly.
If only the touch is connected, the system runs properly.
But if only touch and keyboard are connected, the keyboard will be ignored
by the X-system. The reason seems to be that if X doesnt found the mouse
at /dev/psaux, this device will completely ignored and so the keyboard is
not responding (even the NumLock-LED could not be set). This comes only in
X, at the console the keyboard is functioning very well (not in xterm).

There is no way to use another device for the mouse, because there is no USB
and the serial ports are all used for other things.

How can i get X to use the PS/2-port for the keyboard, even if the mouse
isn't plugged?

Thank you for all hints,

regards, Jens  

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greetings Torsten

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