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Post by Daniele Dellerb » Sat, 15 Jun 2002 04:25:49

Mulinux has plenty of advantages: it is a full-configurable,
minimalistic (it can be stored in a few floppy disks), has plenty of
utilities (Internet connection, browser, client) and can be configured
according to one's needs. It is based on the GNU Linux system, and this
means that everyone can browse the Internet (especially the FTP of GNU
Linux), download those parts of the operative system he is in need of,
and expand it as much as he wants. Especially in the Third World,
millions of old 386 and 486 old PC's can easily be reconverted and work
with a modern level of performances.

In today's world there are hundreds of millions of persons who cannot
afford to buy a last-generation PC, and all those persons could
nevertheless benefit very much from browsing the Internet. All of them
can now reconvert their old computers, connect themselves to the World
Wide Web and download from it was is necessary in order to expand their
operative system, a system which is a adaption of Linux.

MuLinux already has some functions which make it similar to Unix. By a
carful work, a series of MuLinux-based PC's can be converted into a
local network or into a small Intranet.

Those unique features makes MuLinux an operative system which not only
can be used in order to reconvert old PC's, but also a system which must
be ready at hand in the eveneventuality of sudden global or local
catastrophes. By doing so, non-professional users can have at their
disposal an operative system which occupies a very limited space of
memory, and which can easily be expanded or modified.

Now it can easily be downloaded from the site

I hope you have understood the importance of MuLinux in all of its
implication, and am consequently asking you to forward this message to
all of your contacts.

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