Mount an uncompressed fs on ramdisk?

Mount an uncompressed fs on ramdisk?

Post by Jana Volkme » Thu, 04 Nov 2004 00:07:36

Sorry, I think my last question missed the point.

If you want to have am ram-fs, you "normally" just tell lilo to create a
ram-disk and mount your compressed fs into it. Is is possible to mount an
uncompressed fs (no image) which is stored on a compact flash?


1. lilo.config to load hda1 to ramdisk & mount it as root fs?

Hi, I've got a 128 Mb flashdisk with hda1 partition of size 48Mb
(actually 50192Kb), of which 41Mb is used. I can directly boot this
partition with a standard lilo configuration. Oh, I have 64Mb
of RAM, but the OS, my small program, and no other servers require
only 6Mb of this.

Since it is a flashdisk, with limited rewrite capabilities, I would like
to read the whole of this hda1 partition into a ramdisk and use the
ramdisk as the root fs, that way I only ever read from the flashdisk.

I don't think I need to use initrd (since my kernel *already* has
everything it will need, I do not need to do a two-stage boot),  and I
don't think I need a compressed image of the root filesystem (since the
first partition, which, as explained above, I can also use directly as
the root filesystem, contains exactly what I want to load into RAM).

Ok, so my 2.2.19 kernel has ramdisk support compiled in - i.e. not
just as a module, and also loopback device and initrd, though I don't
think I need the last two of these.

My lilo.config has:


        #  To use hda1 as root

        #  To load hda1 into ram0 and use *that* as root fs
                append="root=/dev/ram0 start_ramdisk=0 ramdisk_size=50192 load_ramdisk=1"

Booting the 'flash' works fine, but booting 'ram' doesn't; the
kernel gets loaded correctly, but then it says "can't mount root
filesystem on 01:00". I presume '01:00' means major 1 minor 0, which
*is* ram0, so it seems that the kernel knows what I want to be the root
filesystem, it's only that it failed to load the partition into memory
before trying to mount it.

I also tried adding 'prompt_ramdisk=1' just to see if it was even seeing any of
the ramdisk-related kernel parameters, but it did not prompt me after
loading the kernel, before attempting to load/mount the root filesystem,
which it should have done.

Can anybody offer any advice? Many thanks!


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