sgimips black screen on Indigo2 R4400/250

sgimips black screen on Indigo2 R4400/250

Post by Alban Hertro » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 03:34:57

I am failing to netboot netbsd on my Indigo2.
I have various machines netbooting from a central server, so I know
netbooting works OK (though the other machines boot OpenBSD).

NetBSD/sgimips starts loading the kernel, I can see a number of devices
being detected scroll by, but then it "hangs".
First the bottom third of the screen is filled with a black rectangle
(from the left corner of the screen to the right corner of SGI's console
window), then a little later the second third goes black this way, and
after a while the machine reboots.

I tried both NetBSD 1.6 and 1.6.1 kernels for INDY, ECOFF and ELF,
INSTALL or "normal", and the netbsd.ip22 boot file. I also tried
snapshots of June 15th. They all show this behaviour.

Does anybody know what can be done about this (assuming those kernels do
actually work)?

The hardware is:
    SGI Indigo2 IMPACT
    no harddrives or CD-ROM (no trays...)
    128MB memory
    Solid Impact graphics card (GIO)

There is one point where I differ from the installation guide. I don't
use DHCP, but bootparams instead. I don't think it could be causing this
problem, as the machine can find it's kernel just fine.


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