Porting Jgraph

Porting Jgraph

Post by Henry Melto » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I need jgraph on my ISV's BSD machine.  I brought over the sources
and compiled it with no warnings and no errors.  However, when run,
perfectly good jgraph source files generate illegal token errors.

Since I know nothing about the BSD flavor of unix, I need some
pointers on bug-hunting on BSD.  What libraries are suspect?  Has
anyone seen this before, etc.


1. jgraph ported?

        I've used a public domain package called jgraph for years that will
        take formatted input and output postscript graphs. I've found it very
        portable and very useful on different systems, but now I find that
        jgraph will compile on SCO, but will not run. <Sigh>. I thought after
        a successful compile on HPUX that it would run anywhere!:-)

        The error occurs after when running, and is similar to:
            <STDIN>, token 1 bad

        This is close, but not quite (My SCO box is at work, internet at
        home:-). My question is, does this error look familiar to anybody or
        has anybody else ported jgraph to SCO? I'm rather desperate, and
        appreciate any help anybody can give! I'd dig into to it myself, but
        I'm in the middle of upgrades and production emergencies and all kinds
        of fun stuff. Thanks in advance!!


        Rory Reynoldson


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