Trantor T130B SCSI

Trantor T130B SCSI

Post by Thomas Muelle » Sun, 03 Dec 2000 04:00:00

Is there any support in NetBSD for Trantor T130B SCSI?  I browsed, found a hardware compatibility page, NCR 5380 chip is
supported but not on distribution diskettes or images, and apparently not in
generic kernel either.  I noticed (*) but not (+) after NCR 5380 on the hardware
compatibility page.  I have internal Texel, now Plextor, CD-ROM and external
Iomega Zip 250 on this SCSI, so if I would install NetBSD from CD, being able to
read the CD is critical.  Is there any kernel anywhere that I could DOSBOOT?  Or
could I download enough to install the base system, documentation, compilers and
kernel sources, compile a custom kernel, and then be able to use the CD-ROM for
further installation?

1. Trantor T130b SCSI Card / Cirrus Logic 5428 VLB Card

        Could someone please EMAIL me directions on how to get Linux
working with a Trantor 130b SCSI Card??  Would like to use it with my
Quantum 1.2GB SCSI drive, Archive Python 2GB DAT and a NEC 3XP CDrom Drive.

        I'll gladly post a summary as well as email results to future
questioners and forward the data to the keeper of the SCSI-HOWTO doc.

        I'm requesting email because my site loses about 30% of the articles.

        Would also like instructions on configuring Linux/X-windows to
work with my CirrusLogic 5428 chip based VLB card.  I have a NEC 3FGx


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