Boot hangs on my Decstation 5000/240

Boot hangs on my Decstation 5000/240

Post by Tim Austwic » Thu, 15 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have been trying to install netbsd on my pmax; i managed to get the
miniroot onto a scsi drive and boot from it bot the boot hangs at this

scc0 at asic0 offset 0x100000 priority 6
        (this is a paster from the install doc. Im at work and i cant
        remember the exact numbers i get!)

Ive waited a while (5-10 mins) and it seems to go nowhere. Im new to
netbsd (not new to linux and unix tho...) and i guess this is something to
do witht the keyboard/mouse?

When i turn the ds5000/240 on i get a test error message about th epointer
(mouse) and keyboard, but the devices do actually work fine (ie i can type
stuff in, and the mouse works in ultrix on my other DS (a 5k/200).

Can anyone help me out?


Tim Austwick


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Is there a port of Linux to the above platform? Or one in the pipeline?
Any help woul be greatly appreciated.


James Bourne

James Bourne
TAPS Development
Telstra Multimedia Pty. Ltd.
Phone: 02 9903 3435

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