Ultra160 PCI RAID Card Support i386

Ultra160 PCI RAID Card Support i386

Post by Network Interes » Fri, 21 Jul 2000 04:00:00

DPT (now Adaptec) make a reasonably priced Ultra160 PCI RAID controller card
(PM1564U3 called Decade. Is there a NetBSD driver for it or any similar



1. Inexpensive Ultra160 RAID card recommendations

Can anyone recommend a (relatively) inexpensive Ultra-160 SCSI RAID
card?  I'm looking for a card that supports 64-bit 66Mhz PCI.  A
cache or the ability to add a cache later would be nice, but is
not required.

Currently using an Adaptec 21960 card for non-RAID Ultra-160.

-Ken Payne
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