NetBSD @ ChaosChamp?

NetBSD @ ChaosChamp?

Post by Rene Schickbaue » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 06:16:39


Are there NetBSD-people at the ChaosChamp 2003?

I'd like to have some chats, learn more about NetBSD i use for nearly a year
know :-)

Maybe someone with experience in kernel programming? I'd like to write a
driver for the hardsid-pci-card but i'm completly lost...

P.S.: I've an old Sun SparcStation IPC here without any external hardware.
Anyone interested to play with it on the camp? I'm not sure if it works
(maybe that battery-backed-up chip is gone so i need a replacement?) but
else it looks in charming good condition. BTW, it's one of the models to
plug 2 terminals in :-)



NetBSD @ ChaosChamp?

Post by Hubert Feyre » Fri, 25 Jul 2003 09:04:27

> Are there NetBSD-people at the ChaosChamp 2003?

The NetBSD Project will be present in the same tent as FreeBSD and
OpenBSD. I won't be there myself, but if you want to register or have
questions, don't hesitate to ask Daniel 'DaN' Ettle, see

 - Hubert

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        Scott Reynolds writes:

What, are you on drugs?  OpenBSD _clearly_ states that it is based on
NetBSD.  There is no lack of credit to the NetBSD developers in the
commit messages, web pages, etc.  (Which isn't always conversely true of
NetBSD.)  I should also point out that parts of OpenBSD are as much due to
FreeBSD or Lites as they are to NetBSD, and, of course, there's a lot of new

That's like someone pointing out that NetBSD wouldn't exist without the CSRG,
and calling NetBSD childish for having based their system on one from CSRG.

The originial 'question' was how to run a 'more secure' system, to which the
answer is 'run OpenBSD instead'.  OpenBSD takes security far, far more
seriously then just about any other OS in existance; that's not random
advertising either, it's a very serious statement of fact.

Jason Downs                (503) 256-8535 -/- (503) 952-3749

             OpenBSD: The BSD with a soul.

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