NetBSD-1.3.3, X-Window, and french keyboard?

NetBSD-1.3.3, X-Window, and french keyboard?

Post by Emmanuel Dreyf » Wed, 08 Dec 1999 04:00:00


with NetBSD-1.3.3/i386, I fail to get a french keyboard with X.
When I luanch XF86Setup, it stops, saying XKEYBOARD extension is

I was able to set up a XF86config file from scratch, it works, except
that I cannot get the french keyboard (because XKEYBOARD is missing too)

I tried to recompile the X server, but it does not change anything.

The french keyboard works fine with the console.

Any help?

Emmanuel Dreyfus


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I am trying to get a NetBSD-1.3.3-i386 box up to use as a netboot toy.
The only card I have available is a 3c503 with aui and thinnet.  It is
unrecognized when I load NetBSD, yet works fine on FreeBSD or dos.
The NetBSD seems to want to use irq 9 which is not available on the
3c503 (2,3,4,5 are), if I am understanding it correctly.  Can I do
anything to make the generic kernel come up on the 3c503, without
loading the source and recompiling the kernel, or am I stuck having
to recompile the kernel?

Any insights are appreciated.


Bob Keys

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