Best SCSI and Ethernet card(s) for NetBSD/i386?

Best SCSI and Ethernet card(s) for NetBSD/i386?

Post by Chih-Cherng Chi » Fri, 02 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hi all,

I am currently trying to put up a NetBSD/i386 system, which
will be used as a proxy cache or web accelerator.  I understand
that for this kind of application, CPU power would be no
problem, the real tests come from the IO subsystem.  So could
you please share your thoughts about the best PCI SCSI and
Ethernet card(s) for NetBSD/i386?

Thanks in advance.

Chih-Cherng Chin


1. Two ethernet cards in i386 NetBSD

I just had a look at and as the page is
completely blank I guess I'm justified in posting these questions
here !

First question:

I just did a new install of NetBSD 1.2.1 on an Intel PC with 2 ethernet
cards. It picked up the 3C509 card as ep0 and that works fine but I also
have a 3C503 card in there. How can I get NetBSD to detect and use the
second card ? Also, how to I switch on/off IP routing in the NetBSD
kernel ?

Second question:

Some commands (e.g. netstat) report "no namelist" and my ps output only
gives me the names of commands and not the command line. From my
of NetBSD-Amiga I imagine this is because the kernel image doesn't match
binaries or something. I'm using the standard INSTOTHER kernel. Any
how to fix this ?


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