PHP / Java

PHP / Java

Post by Jan Branberg » Sat, 30 Jun 2001 16:41:22


i am trying to compile PHP with java support ( --with-java ). i have
build sun-jdk13 from pkgsrc. the build of php does not seem to work
because i get an error at the file ext/java/java.c:

"gcc: could not combine -c an -o ..."

when executing the libtool without the --silent, i am able to remove
the -c ( or the -o ), and execute the gcc command by hand. when doing
this i get an other error msg:

/usr/pkg/java/include: file not recognized, operation not permitted.

does anybody have this succesful running on NetBSD 1.5 ? what could be
my problem ?


Jan Branbergen

PS: My ultimate goal here is to compile PHP with Java, and then use
Oracle JDBC thin client to connect to an Oracle server. Would this be


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Can ANYONE tell me how to get java support for php working? I compiled
apache with
-pthread option, I properly configured php.ini (and phpinfo() agrees), but I
cannot overcome this:

Fatal error: Unable to load Java Library
/usr/local/jdk1.1.8/lib/i386/green_threads/, error:
/usr/local/jdk1.1.8/lib/i386/green_threads/ Undefined symbol
"fmod" in /usr/home/ivoras/public_html/jver.php on line 4

apparently, links to a symbol 'fmod', which is in, but is
not linked to use (?) (all jdk1.1.8 binaries are actually using
compat3x libraries)

(I have no preference in JDK, I just need the stuff working.)

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