WallStreet OpenFirmware settings

WallStreet OpenFirmware settings

Post by T. M. Peders » Fri, 10 Nov 2000 04:00:00


I'm looking at getting a G3 PowerBook (WallStreet) up and running,
but I have not been able to locate the docs on its OF harddrive
handling.  Would someone please point me at info on what settings
I need to put in 'boot-device' and 'boot-file' to get it to boot?

FWIW, I've got OpenFirmware 2.0.1 on the thing.  Trying the obvious


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1. setting up a PPP connection w/Linux PPC 1999 Q3 on a PBG3 WallStreet 1.0

   Hey folks.  Some people were good to send me helpful info on using pdisk
when last I posted.  Quite helpful, making it not nearly as difficult as I
feared.  Thanks
    This time, I just can't seem to be able to set up PPP in Linux PPC 1999
Q3 on my PBG3 (WallStreet 1.0).  I'm using the "Very Stable Powerbook"
kernel (listed as version 2.2.1).  Doesn't matter what I do.  I have:

1) set up a symbolic link between /dev/ttyS2 and /dev/modem (as the LinuxPPC
installation manual says to do) in Xterm, then saved my session to make sure
it stayed (is this necessary?)
2) In GNOME, I tried using netcfg, inputting all the info and more
(/dev/ttyS2 is the port, namely) that MacOS seems satisfied with, only to
tell the connection to go active and have nothing productive happen in
3) Still in GNOME, I tried using gnome-ppp to do the same.  It reports that
the pppd daemon dies every time it tries to initialize the modem.
4) Switching over to KDE and trying kppp, it reports the modem says it's OK
(I should hope, else I wouldn't be able to send this post via MacOS!), but
it still sits there for an indeterminate time trying to initialize the dang
4a)  In both gnome-ppp and kppp, I've tried various initialization strings,
including the default "ATZ", apparently set by Linux, "AT\13" (from the
MacOS "PowerBook G3 Internal Modem" script),
"AT&FE0W1Q0V1X4&C1&K3S95=1&D3S7=75S0=0\13" (from same, though I'm not sure
when one is used and not the other; though I do note that this is
specifically what was updated between script versions), and finally "AT&F",
which I got from the MacInitStrings (shareware) listing on the PowerBook G3
(but what version of the PBG3?!?!).

    Anyway, that about covers the problem so far.  I've followed everything
I can find in the LinuxPPC manual to get it done, no dice.  Sure, I CAN use
MacOS to connect to the Internet, but ain't Linux supposed to be a
networking OS?  Seems to be wasting away on half of my hard drive right
now...  Any ideas?

    Oh PS, I've also got an expansion bay VST Zip drive (therefore ATAPI,
not SCSI) that the system seems to have a paralyzing (read: freezing) fear
of.  Go to XTerm, type "mount /dev/hde /zip", hit return, and my, does it
ever get cold in here!  Not quite the priority of the other problem, but
still quirky.

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