problem booting NetBSD/mac68k

problem booting NetBSD/mac68k

Post by Bill Edwar » Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I am having a problem booting NetBSD 1.2.1 (using Booter 1.9.7) on a Mac II
with 8 MB of RAM, running System 7.5.3.  It looks as though the kernel
begins to load (I sometimes get the copyright message, and once even got
the line with the GENERIC tag and version number), but then the system
freezes.  I have two questions:

1)  How do I find out *where* or *why* the kernel is freezing?
2)  Has anybody encountered this behavior before?

Thanks in advance for any insights you might have.  What is maddening is
that NetBSD used to boot without any trouble.  I am getting these freezes
with a newly mkfs'ed and installed system.  I have also tried GENERIC_39,
to no avail...
Bill Edwards, Frontier Science/ECOG
303 Boylston St.; Brookline MA 02146

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1. NetBSD/mac68k boot stalls

I'm trying to run NetBSD on an SE/30, and I got it to work fine on the
internal 80 meg HD.  I've now swapped that for a 520 meg HD and (I
think) followed the same procedure for installing it.

The problem is that the boot seems to stall and not go to completion.
The last message thing it says is macos_boottime=(some binhex number).

When I hit any key, it stops and drops me into the debugger (I guess).
At which point all I know how to do is restart the computer (with the
power switch).

I've tried with both 7.5 (which is what I used before I swapped the
HD) and 7.5.3 (which is what I'd prefer to use, possibly updated to

One anomaly which may be affecting things is the fact that I can't get
the HD to terminate internally (I think I need another half-sized
jumper), so I have a SCSI cable with a terminator at the end hanging
out of my SCSI port.  This seems to work fine on the Mac side, but I'm
wondering if the BSD side could be more picky?

I know this is probably an annoying newbie question which requires
more information to get a good answer, but I appreciate any help you
can provide.


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