netbsd 1.1 i386 install help needed

netbsd 1.1 i386 install help needed

Post by (nul » Thu, 01 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I'm trying to install netbsd on a 486-66 w/20meg RAM,
405mb IDE drive, and 3com net card.

I've partitioned the disk as a single BSD partition,
using linux's fdisk utility.

I can get through the initial "install" program
from a boot disk, which appears to newfs the partition.
However, from then on, when I try to reboot from the
kernel copy floppy, the following message is quickly
flashed on the screen:

        dumping to dev 201 offset 0
        dump area unavailable

And then the machine reboots.  Anyone know what
the problem might be?

                -- Bruce

p.s. please answer in email; I will summarize to
the group.


netbsd 1.1 i386 install help needed

Post by (nul » Fri, 02 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>    dumping to dev 201 offset 0
>    dump area unavailable
>    rebooting
>And then the machine reboots.  Anyone know what
>the problem might be?

First, thanks for everyone's help.  Andrew Wheadon

out to be the problem:

Quote:>Looks like problems with your mainboard to me.
>Try setting BIOS-defaults i.e. turning off caches,
>and disabling every nifty feature, enhanced setting
>it has.

I also recreated the kernel copy and install disks.
After turning off all BIOS options, things worked fine.

                -- Bruce


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Please send responses via email.  I'll be happy to post a summary of the
responses to this newsgroup.



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