Rumba/Sharity problem

Rumba/Sharity problem

Post by Bob Lun » Thu, 09 May 2002 10:01:35

I want to use a disk on a Windows machine as a temporary file area that can
be accessed from my NetBSD system. I've installed both Rumba on the BSD
system and mount the windows share. However, if I try to chmod a file on the
share I get:

chmod: File: Input/output error

I also get this error when trying to write to a share file. However, I can
create files and cat/echo to them.

Anyone have an idea of what's going wrong and a work around? I get the same
behavior with Sharity-lite.

Bob Lund


1. Sharity, Sharity-Light


Anyone got Sharity-Light to work which are in the ports-tree. It compiles
and installs without any problem. There are no problem mounting and
browsing a W2K share with NTFS filesystem but as soon I try to copy a file
nomatter direction the session hang. It is the same thing on both my
SPARCstation 5 and my i386 (PII 233) running NetBSD.

There are a full version aswell called Sharity at Both in
binary and sourece. Unfortuneable there are no binary for NetBSD. Have
tried to download the source and compile without any luck. Both on NetBSD
and Linux.

Someone said that FreeBSD supports smbmount or exactly, he wrote smb_mount
but he must be wrong, or? As far as I know there are no BSD supporting
smbfs mounts in the kernel.

H?lsningar / Regards


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