cu and modem problem

cu and modem problem

Post by Darry » Sun, 02 Jun 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone help me...

Im having some problems getting NetBSD to see my internal modem so that I can
CU to it.

What I have done so far...

1. Compiled new kernel for com3 (netbsd com3 that is, not dos) for the
 right base address and irq.

2. sh MAKEDEV tty03

3. added tty00:dv=/dev/tty03:br#9600 in /etc/remote

4. chown uucp.dialer /dev/tty03

5. touch /var/log/aculog

6. created /etc/uucp/ports file

        port mymodem
                type modem
                device /dev/tty03
                speed 19200

but when i cu -l /dev/tty03 -speed 9600

i get ~cu: write: input/output error~

so what am I missing????

Thank Darryl.