Thanks for MacBSD file transfer info ...

Thanks for MacBSD file transfer info ...

Post by Wolfgang Jesch » Wed, 17 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Just a big "thank-you" to the people who answered my question about how to
transfer files to and from MacBSD. I now have the hfs utility running and
use the installer's cpout capability to do this. Later on I think I'll try
to network my MacBSD with my other mac, maybe I come back with some new
questions ;-)



1. file system trouble with MacBSD

I have an odd problem with my recently installed MacBSD system. For some
reason, the system believes it is out of disk space, despite the fact
that it is less than half full. du reports 86M used on a 200Mb partition.
fsck reports the same (86663 used, 125793 free). df reports that the
volume is 102% used though and attempts to create new files are denied.

The kernel is 1.4.1. The system is a Mac IIci with 20Mb of RAM, an Asante
MacCon network adapter and Apple high-res video. Up till now, everything
worked just fine. There is a 35Mb swap partition and a 10Mb MacOS
partition for booting the system. The swap partition was included in the
fstab file, and it appears to be using it.

I am using the generic kernel, straight off the FTP site, along with all
of the *non-X* packages.

BTW - please CC replys to my email address. This server isn't my primary
system and I don't get to check messages very often. Thanks!

Seth Henry

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