HP 300 and NetBsd -- Help

HP 300 and NetBsd -- Help

Post by kmur.. » Sun, 29 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I was looking for some suggestion on how to install NetBSD on a HP 300
series workstation. I don't have a tape drive nor a cdrom. I do have a
floppy drive. Is it possible to install from that? If so, can someone
give me some directions on it. I also have a Sony CD-R. Will that work
with the HP300, since the cd-r is scsi?

Thanks in advance.

Keven Murphy


1. Prob: HP 300 to HP 700 conversion - library dd300l


I have to recompile a C program, designed for a HP 300, HP-UX 7
on a HP 700, HP-UX 9.

The program ist using X-functions, which resides on the 300 in a
Library called dd300l. This Library doesn=B4t exist anymore at the

Does anyone has solved such a Problem?

Please give me a email - thank you

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